Ward 2 Polls Update

This week we sent out a postcard to all households in Ward 2 listing the polling stations.  I obtained the information from the City of Kitchener website.  The polls I listed were from the 2010 election and I downloaded the polls before the city updated the information with the 2014 polls.  We are delivering a flyer to all homes that received the postcard with the correct information on it.  Here is the correct updated list of polls for households in Ward 2 for 2014.  If you have any questions or would like a ride to your poll on Monday please call me at 519-895-2990.

2014 WARD 2 POLLS Update

POLL 5         Stanley Park Community Centre                         505 Franklin St. North
POLL 10       Grand River Recreational Complex                  600 Heritage Drive
POLL 15       St. John Paul II Catholic School                         75 Pebble Creek Drive
POLL 25       Lackner Woods Public School                               151 Zeller Drive
POLL 30       Sunnyside Public School                                           1042 Weber St. East
POLL 40       Centreville Chicopee Community Centre      141 Morgan Avenue
POLL 55       Howard Robertson Public School                       130 Morgan Avenue

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