As a resident of the Chicopee area for more than 25 years I have been involved in neighbourhood issues and activities and have worked for positive change in the City of Kitchener.  I now feel the time has come for me to seek a seat on Kitchener Council.  I want to use my energy, experience and skills to bring fresh ideas and positive solutions to council and represent the residents of Ward 2.

Being a taxpayer myself, I want to take care of taxpayers’ money.  I believe there are workable solutions such as keeping tax increases at or below the rate of inflation and reducing the waste at City Hall.  I would like to see Council respect the money contributed by taxpayers by spending money on worthwhile initiatives that are affordable and reasonable.

As you know I have always been a supporter and participant in public engagement.  The City has introduced limited public engagement but hasn’t given any weight to the feelings of the citizens when making decisions.  We need to find ways to increase more meaningful public engagement that should factor into any decisions made by Council on these issues.

In order to serve the citizens of Ward 2, I must conduct an aggressive campaign.  For this campaign to be successful, it will require a strong and organized grassroots organization. I have continued to attend Council and Committee meetings when I can and I have been meeting with community leaders, city hall staff and people from organizations and businesses in the community to prepare for this campaign.  As I get ready to canvas I will need brochures, flyers, yard signs and advertising.  I cannot fund all of this by myself.  That’s why I am turning to the people who know me best, and inviting them to get involved in my campaign and help make a difference.

Your early contribution, made payable to “Campaign to elect Dan Graham” will give our team a tremendous boost.  Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 up to the maximum amount of $750 will help me raise the initial funds needed to launch my campaign.

To give you an idea of some of the hard costs of campaigning; lawns signs cost about $5 each so $50 dollars will buy 10 lawn signs and $250 will buy 50 signs, large lawn signs cost $25 each so $100 will buy 4 large signs , brochures cost about $75 per 100, an ad in a local community paper will cost between $500 and $750 per insertion.

Cheques (up to a maximum of $750) made out to “Campaign to elect Dan Graham” can be mailed to:
Campaign to elect Dan Graham
23-500 Fairway Rd. S. Suite 170
Kitchener, ON
N2C 1X3

If you wish to have your cheque picked up in person please call 519.895.2990 to arrange a pick up time.

Thank you in advance for your encouragement and support and I look forward to serving the residents of Ward 2 and the citizens of Kitchener during the upcoming term.

Dan Graham
Candidate for Kitchener Council – Ward 2

If you wish to make a secure online donation right now you can click below.


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