Dan’s Commitment

Effectively managing taxpayer’s dollars

  • Committed to keeping tax increases to the rate of inflation or below
  • Believes in investing in our city and in assisting local businesses to grow and employ more people at a fair rate of pay
  • Dan will work hard to reduce the waste and to make sure that every expense has a positive ROI (Return-On-Investment) for the city “I’m not anti spending, I’m anti waste!”

                Help to foster better and more meaningful public engagement

  • As informed and engaged citizens we all have the right to have our voices heard. When citizens are engaged informed decisions are made and have a higher ‘buy in’
  • Real and meaningful public engagement but include a high level of transparency for all citizens
  • Dan will work with the great staff and volunteers at ‘Your Kitchener Your Say’ to promote public engagement so that your input is taken into account when decisions are being made

Dan will be a strong representative for all of Ward 2 at city hall and in the Ward

  • Dan is committed to returning ALL calls and emails from residents, businesses and organizations in a timely manner and to working towards a successful resolution and if the issue involve city or regional staff I will direct you to the appropriate contact and follow up to ensure a successful outcome
  • He will continue to be a strong advocate for the environment including green spaces, water and sustainable development in Ward 2
  • His goal is to encourage neighbours to get to know each other and work together to build strong vibrant and safe neighbourhoods for a higher quality of life

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