Meet Dan


Through his many years of professional experience as a public speaker / emcee, fundraiser, not for profit consultant, event planner, publicist, journalist and entrepreneur Dan has relied on many of the skills that he will use to be an effective and competent member of council representing Ward 2 to be successful.

As a public speaker / emcee, publicist and journalist he has mastered the communications skills necessary to communicate on behalf of the ward and council verbally and in writing.

During his years with the Blues Festival and working on several award-winning events as an event planner his track record of success speaks for itself including; budgeting and the importance of staying within the budget, building solid relationships and partnerships, planning for successful growth, executing multiple coordinated events and initiatives in unison, achieving the highest ROI (Return On Investment) possible and being able to think on my feet.  Dan helped to create and incorporate the Kitchener Blues Community Inc. as a volunteer run not- for- profit festival and created the five year plan and the templates to grow and manage the festival.  He also presented to standing committees and to council many times.  In the beginning he showed council the value of the festival to help bring people downtown and get their ‘buy-in’ to the idea of a festival.  Each year he would ask council for an increased level of support by showing them the return on their investment from the previous year.  After each festival he would report back to council to share the success of that year’s festival with council.  He also worked with many departments within the city and had the opportunity to work with many of the talented and knowledgeable staff at the city and the KDBA over the years.

Working as a consultant for not-for-profit incorporations and as a fundraiser Dan was not only responsible for building organizations from the ground up but he also raised the required operating funds through; grant writing, sponsorship, memberships and partnerships with many private and public companies and all levels of government.

As an entrepreneur he learned the importance of commitment and the ability to adapt and compromise to be successful.

Dan continued his education beyond the University of Waterloo were he studied psychology taking several computer and language course at Conestoga College.  He also received a diploma from the Foundation for Rural Living in their Community Development Officer Program as well as completing the Association of Ontario Municipalities course for candidates and attending the Fundamentals of Municipal Finance Seminar in preparation for time on council.

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