Thank you!

First of all I want to thank my family, friends, supporters and volunteers for believing in my vision for Ward 2 and the City of Kitchener.  Unfortunately, the citizens of Ward 2 did not share our vision.  I wish our new Ward 2 Councillor Elect Dan Schnider good luck and I hope he works hard for the best ward in the best city in the world!

I am very proud of the campaign we ran.  We played by the rules and we refused to get drawn into the dirty politics.  I was saddened and disappointed by the turn of events and even though we lost I am glad we stayed out of it.

I also want to say that I was truly honoured to have run against Chris Letizi and Grayson Zeilstra. These two young men have class and are both great community leaders and we are blessed to have them in Ward 2.

This marks the end of my political career.  I have no regrets and am glad I had the opportunity to run for City Council in Ward 2.  Although I will not be seeking office again, I will however remain involved in our community.  I will still attend and follow council on a regular basis.  I will be there as an active member of our city and I will do what I can to keep Kitchener’s title of the ‘The Best City in the World!’  

I congratulate all the dully elected members of Council and I look forward to the great things that you will do during this next term.

With Love & Respect,

Dan Graham
Proud Private Citizen of Ward 2

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Last Day Before the Election

Today is the last day before the election! It has been a busy 10 months. I would first of all like to sincerely thank ALL of my wonderful family, friends, volunteers and supports for sticking with me through this campaign. I can say that I am proud of the way we ran this campaign and I truly believe that the our platform and ideas would be good for Kitchener and Ward 2 in particular. It is now up to electorate to decide tomorrow. I urge you ALL to vote tomorrow. Too many people around the world have died for democracy and we should exercise the right to have our say.

If you are voting in voting in Ward 2 I hope you will support me by voting DAN GRAHAM – CITY OF KITCHENER COUNCILLOR FOR WARD 2.

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Ward 2 Polls Update

This week we sent out a postcard to all households in Ward 2 listing the polling stations.  I obtained the information from the City of Kitchener website.  The polls I listed were from the 2010 election and I downloaded the polls before the city updated the information with the 2014 polls.  We are delivering a flyer to all homes that received the postcard with the correct information on it.  Here is the correct updated list of polls for households in Ward 2 for 2014.  If you have any questions or would like a ride to your poll on Monday please call me at 519-895-2990.

2014 WARD 2 POLLS Update

POLL 5         Stanley Park Community Centre                         505 Franklin St. North
POLL 10       Grand River Recreational Complex                  600 Heritage Drive
POLL 15       St. John Paul II Catholic School                         75 Pebble Creek Drive
POLL 25       Lackner Woods Public School                               151 Zeller Drive
POLL 30       Sunnyside Public School                                           1042 Weber St. East
POLL 40       Centreville Chicopee Community Centre      141 Morgan Avenue
POLL 55       Howard Robertson Public School                       130 Morgan Avenue

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A Message from Dan

As a resident of Ward 2 for more than 25 years I am running to represent you on Kitchener Council because like you I am a tax payer, a consumer of city services and I depend on the infrastructure that the city provides.  I have the right balance of ENERGY, EXPERIENCE and SKILLS to work on your behalf to ensure that your needs are addressed at City Hall.  I have a strong track record of success, having participated in and lead many community and Ward 2 issues.

I have the ENERGY to work at full strength every day to ensure that Ward 2 residents are represented and are served by a strong and committed Councillor.

I have the EXPERIENCE required to hit the ground running and an understanding of how city hall and council work due to my many interactions with a number of city departments and many members of city staff and council.

My professional experience and education give me the SKILLS that will enable me to be your effective representative and to work for you at city hall and in the Ward.

As a concerned and engaged citizen I have followed city council and have attended and presented at council many times on a wide array of topics over the last 15 plus years.

I believe that I am the most qualified candidate and I am asking for your vote on October 27th to ensure that Ward 2 is represented by a Councillor with the ENERGY, EXPERIENCE and SKILLS to be your voice at city hall and to assist you with any concerns or issues you may have in the ward.

With respect & gratitude,


Dan Graham

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Welcome to the official campaign website to elect Dan Graham – Kitchener Council Ward 2


On February 7, 2014 I filed the required paperwork to run for Kitchener Council and represent the citizens of Ward 2.  I have lived in Ward 2 for more than 25 years and have extensive experience working with the public, council and staff at city hall.  My experience in helping to create and manage the Kitchener Blues Festival for the first six years as well as the work I’ve done in our neighborhood qualifies me to work on behalf of Ward 2 and the citizens of Kitchener.  I will work hard to take care of taxpayers money by keeping tax increases within the rate of inflation and reducing waste.  I will continue to support strong and meaningful public engagement and I am committed to working with all members of council to keep Kitchener the best city in Canada to live in.

I look forward to your support,


Dan Graham

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